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Tongue & Lip Tie

Tongue and Lip Tie Surgery in Newport Beach, CA

From improving breastfeeding to speech development, lip and tongue tie surgery is a procedure that can help unlock potential when it comes to your little one’s oral health and development. In the medical community, this standard practice is called a frenectomy and involves modifying the binding tissue that can lead to a tongue or lip tie in babies. Frenectomies are quite common during infancy because they aid in the development of children.

Our pediatric dentists can help your child feel more successful and confident with essential day-to-day functions through tongue and lip tie release. 

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The benefits of tongue and lip tie surgery

When a tongue or lip tie is released, infants can benefit from increased oral function, relief from related breathing issues (such as mouth breathing), eased discomfort experienced when eating or speaking, and reduced TMJ (jaw joint) pain. Plus, a frenectomy can facilitate the appropriate development of facial structures in children, ensuring a healthier, more balanced appearance. Furthermore, a released tongue or lip tie in babies can improve breastfeeding success for mothers and infants.

A Frenectomy Could Change the Course of Your Child’s Health

One of the first things pediatricians, pediatric dentists, and parents look out for in young children is a lip or tongue tie. A baby’s tongue or lip tie can pose a challenge for feeding, making it difficult (and painful) to breastfeed. Consequently, when infants struggle with latching because of a lip or tongue tie, they often struggle with slow weight gain or weight loss.


Obtaining enough calories is essential for all humans, and if a baby is malnourished, it might suffer from a weakened immune system, bleeding gums, and other severe health conditions. Fortunately, frenectomies are a simple surgery that can quickly and effectively address lip or tongue ties in children so they can have a healthier life with adequate nutrition.

Quality Care From Our Experienced Team

Seeing your child through a frenectomy procedure can be an overwhelming experience, but it’s important to remember that the process is generally straightforward and intended to improve their well-being. If you’re anxious for your child, please don’t sweat it. Getting an oral frenectomy procedure is a breeze!


Dr. Hersch and Dr. Goodman will ensure your kiddo, and you are settled and comfortable. Depending on the child’s age, they might apply some numbing cream to the area. Next, they’ll carefully snip that pesky lip or tongue tie and close the incision (if necessary). All said and done, this simple procedure takes 15 minutes max, so don’t worry about spending too much time in our dental office.

Find Out If Your Child Can Benefit From Tongue Or Lip Tie Surgery

Whether you want to schedule a first-time visit or a follow-up appointment, our Newport Beach dental clinic is always available to answer your questions. Set up a lip or tongue tie surgery consultation at Hersch Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontics through our online scheduler or call (949) 644-0611.