foods kids should avoid for a healthy Smile

Mar 21, 2019

You’re probably familiar with some of the top foods your Newport Beach kid’s dentist recommends for healthy teeth (including apples, vegetables, and dairy products), but are you as familiar with the foods your kids should avoid? Here are a few foods your child may be eating now that should be avoided.

Chewy Candy

Most kids love chewy candy, but those seemingly harmless gumdrops could cause a lot of oral harm. Chewy candies are full of sugar and tend to get stuck in the teeth. Exposing the teeth to sugar for long periods of time leads to the growth of harmful bacteria in the mouth. These bacteria feed on sugars and produce acids that damage tooth enamel and can lead to cavity development. Sticky candies can also get stuck in the teeth and braces, which is why your Newport Beach orthodontist advises that your child stay away from them.


Soda and other sugary drinks (including fruit juices) are high in sugar and acids. Both of these substances are hard on tooth enamel and give bacteria the perfect environment to thrive in. Milk is a great alternative to soda and can satisfy your child’s thirst while simultaneously strengthening his or her teeth.

Citrus Fruits

Although some fruits are great for pearly whites, citrus fruits can actually be harmful. Their high acid content can eat away at tooth enamel and make your child’s teeth more vulnerable to bacteria. Fortunately, avoiding lemons and grapefruit shouldn’t be too difficult, since most kids don’t like those fruits anyway!

Starchy Foods

Did you know that starches made from white flour convert to sugar once consumed? So, even if you limit obvious sources of sugar in your diet, you may be consuming more than you realize, thanks to sneaky starches like bread, past and chips. Once starches turn to sugar, they can contribute to tooth decay and should be avoided.

In addition to filling your child’s diet with tooth-healthy staples like yogurt, green vegetables and apples, make sure you also avoid the foods above to encourage optimum oral health.

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