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Pulpotomy in Newport Beach, CA

Pulpotomy is a procedure that should not be overlooked. Also known as baby-root-canal therapy, it can stop the spread of infection, reduce discomfort, and help avoid the need for more extensive treatments. At Hersch Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontics, Dr. Geoffrey Hersch, Dr. Danielle Goodman and Dr. Brophy perform baby root canals as a safe, effective way of preserving baby teeth subjected to significant damage due to decay.

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A baby root canal should not hurt

Dr. Hersch, Dr. Goodmanand and Dr. Brophy understand that there is a stigma around root canals and discomfort, but this is a common misconception. While the sharp pain from an extensive cavity can cause agony, the pulpotomy procedure itself is not as intimidating or unpleasant as it seems. Of course, Dr. Hersch, Dr. Goodman and Dr. Brophy numb the area with anesthesia to ensure patients don’t feel pain during the pulpotomy procedure. Most patients feel a slight pressure—if anything at all. Little of the dental structure is touched during a baby root canal. Above all, a root canal on baby teeth is performed to relieve discomfort and restore the primary teeth so that the adult teeth can come in properly.

The Benefits Of A Pediatric Pulpotomy

Did your dental team suggest a baby root canal for your little one? Often, the rewards greatly outweigh the risks involved. First, if your child is experiencing symptoms, a pulpotomy procedure can alleviate discomfort. Plus, pulpotomies allow the primary tooth to be preserved until it can fall out naturally and at an appropriate time. Furthermore, pulpotomies are highly successful, and most smiles respond well to baby root canals.

Pulpotomy is highly effective at retaining the tooth’s original structure while effectively eliminating infection, setting baby teeth up for success! Moreover, baby root canals are much less invasive, requiring just a tiny amount of tissue removed and dental material used. With pulpotomy being fast, efficient, and usually covered by insurance plans, it’s one dental treatment you’ll want to explore if your child has extensive decay or damage.


Quality Care From Our Experienced Team

Whenever possible, a pulpotomy is worth considering if your child’s baby tooth needs stronger maintenance than the other treatment alternative: dental extraction. Like adult root canals, the dentist will access the tooth’s nerve chamber and remove some of the tooth’s nerve and pulp (inner tissue). Compared to adult root canals, a pulpotomy is an abridged procedure, as only part of the pulp needs to be removed and does not require the time-consuming filing of adult root canals.

    Save a Smile with Pediatric Pulpotomy

    Whether you want to schedule a first-time visit or a follow-up appointment, our Newport Beach dental clinic is always available to answer your questions. Although baby root canals are often misunderstood, it’s clear that this procedure can save your child’s smile by protecting the integrity of a severely decayed tooth and preventing premature tooth loss. Schedule a pediatric dental appointment at Hersch Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontics through our online scheduler or call (949) 644-0611.