young boy smiling and swimming in a pool while wearing traditional braces from his Newport Beach orthodontist

Newport Beach Orthodontist Explains the Benefits of Traditional Braces

Jul 17, 2023

Many people with misaligned teeth have turned to traditional braces as a reliable teeth-straightening solution, and it’s understandable why. Despite new advancements in orthodontic technology, traditional metal braces remain one of the most popular and effective options. Our Newport Beach orthodontist understands that finding the right source of care and support can provide greater comfort in making this decision. That’s why Hersch Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontics have composed this blog to list and explain the top three benefits of traditional braces for those exploring their orthodontic options.


One reason for the continued success of traditional braces is their durability. Metal braces are made from high-quality materials that can withstand pressure and resist wear and tear. Patients can rely on traditional braces to stay put, even during a busy and active lifestyle. Plus, with proper care and maintenance, metal braces can last throughout treatment. Therefore, traditional braces may be the way to go for those looking for a reliable and long-lasting solution to teeth straightening.

Different Applications

When recommending orthodontic treatments to our patients, our Newport Beach orthodontist frequently advises using traditional braces due to their exceptional versatility and effectiveness in correcting a wide range of dental concerns.

A comparative study published by BMC Oral Health in 2019 supports that fixed appliance therapy can generally address more complicated cases than removable clear aligners. For those requiring more severe corrections, traditional braces can effectively straighten teeth, correct bad bites, close gaps, and align jaws.

High Success Rate

When it comes to orthodontic treatment, traditional braces are a highly effective option with a proven track record of decades of success. This type of treatment is designed to provide a fixed solution for those requiring consistent and reliable teeth and jaw alignment correction. With their sturdy construction and reliable design, traditional braces offer a timeless, reliable solution to help patients achieve a more beautiful, healthier smile.

Our Newport Beach Orthodontist Offers Traditional Braces to Patients of All Ages

Traditional braces come with many benefits, and thanks to technological advancements, metal braces are available in smaller sizes and lower profiles, making them more comfortable and attractive than ever before. While metal braces may require a bit of getting used to, the results achieved through metal braces are often well worth the effort.

Hersch Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontics is the place to go when it comes to getting the most suitable orthodontic treatment for you. Our Newport Beach orthodontist helps patients of all ages with traditional braces looking for a straighter and healthier smile. Our ultimate goal is to leave our patients feeling their best with the confidence that their smile has improved in appearance, function, and health.

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