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They Use Braces for That? A Newport Beach Dentist Explains Other Reasons for Orthodontic Care

Jan 30, 2024

When most people think of orthodontic care, they think of straightening crooked teeth for a more aesthetically pleasing smile. While this is a very valid reason for seeking treatment, there are some other reasons to consider orthodontics in Newport Beach, CA. Braces and clear aligners can help a variety of oral health problems and improve your child’s ability to smile, bite, and even sleep. Ask yourself the following questions, and then learn how Hersch Pediatric Dentistry uses orthodontic care to help. 

Is There Something Wrong with Your Child’s Bite?

Bites can get misaligned for several reasons—trauma, dental procedures, or simple genetics. The result is a host of problems like jaw pain, difficulty chewing, and damage to teeth where they’re hitting together in the wrong place. 

Orthodontics can treat bite problems like:

  • Overbites
  • Underbites
  • Crossbites
  • Deep Bites
  • Open Bites

Based on how your child’s teeth come together and where their bite is misaligned, we can recommend an orthodontic treatment to correct the problem. 

Do They Play Sports?

Sports carry the risk of dental injuries, but that risk is reduced by using mouthguards, which our orthodontic team can create custom for your child. The Journal of Pediatric Research reports that without this small but important piece of protection to help distribute the force of any contact with the mouth, the risk of injury goes up 1.6 to 1.9 times.

You may want to consider this form of preventative orthodontic care if your child is in contact sports like football, martial arts, or hockey. 

Are You Concerned About Their Speech or Pronunciation?

How your child holds their mouth or produces sound is affected by things like their teeth and bite alignment. Problems with their bite, gaps in their teeth, and issues with their jaw can all cause changes in your child’s speech or pronunciation. We can help treat or prevent those problems early. 

Is Your Child or Teen Not Sleeping Well?

Are they waking up complaining about pain or tension in their teeth or jaw? Do they seem to be dragging during the day and having trouble staying alert? These could be signs that they’re clenching or grinding their teeth at night, or that they have problems with their bite. We can discuss orthodontic care, nightguards, and other solutions for protecting both their sleep and their teeth. 

A Variety of Orthodontic Treatment Options

Thanks to advancements in dental technology, your child or teen has several choices for orthodontic care. At Hersch Pediatric Dentistry in Newport Beach, CA, we offer: 

The option that works for your teen or child depends on their condition. Some conditions require using traditional or clear braces, while others may qualify for Invisalign. All are effective at treating orthodontic issues, so we can find which one works for you. 

With children and teens, we also want to find a solution that they’ll actually use. We chat with you and your child directly about their habits and personality, and from that, we can determine what choice will fit their lifestyle. 

Yes, We Can Use Braces, Aligners, or Guards for That

We can straighten teeth with orthodontics in Newport Beach, CA, but we can also do so much more. From correcting your child’s misaligned bite to protecting them during sports, Hersch Pediatric Dentistry offers solutions. Schedule a consultation with our experienced and trusted orthodontist to find out more.

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