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3 Reasons Children Might Need a Tooth Extraction

Sep 9, 2022

Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late: 3 Reasons Your Child Might Need a Tooth Removed


Most of us think of tooth extraction as a last resort when all other treatment options have failed to help our kids’ teeth. But sometimes, an extraction is the best option to solve a specific problem. The following  are three reasons why your child might need a tooth removed:


1) Tooth Overcrowding

Spacing or overcrowding of baby teeth can lead to spacing or overcrowding of your child’s permanent teeth as well. In certain cases of severe overcrowding, removing a primary tooth or even a permanent tooth might be the only way to create enough space for more important permanent teeth to come into the appropriate space in your child’s mouth.


Removing permanent teeth is reserved for the most severely crowded case where, without doing so, would lead to significantly compromised esthetic and functional results. 


2) Severe Dental Decay

When a child has severe tooth decay, it means that a cavity has progressed beyond repair. Many times, a severe cavity can cause a dental abscess which is often an irreparable condition. In these cases, the infected tooth will need to be extracted. This is often done to eliminate pain and swelling, to prevent the spread of infection or to save adjacent teeth from further damage.


Allowing a decayed tooth to remain in place puts your child’s health at risk and is never recommended. To avoid any worsening conditions or hospitalization we will provide safe techniques to remove the tooth in question and otherwise preserve the health of your child’s smile.


3) Significant Facial Trauma

If your child falls and hits their mouth, it’s important to take them to the dentist right away. A cracked or broken tooth might seem like a minor injury, but it can cause serious problems down the road. If the tooth is left untreated, it could become infected and lead to a dental abscess. In very rare and severe cases, the infection could even spread to the brain, which could be fatal.


Tooth trauma may ultimately damage a tooth beyond repair. If this is the case, it would be necessary to remove the tooth or teeth in question. Although it is possible to replace a knocked out or extracted primary tooth, it is not always the most aesthetic or comfortable option. If an adult tooth requires removal after trauma, there are many ways that they can be aesthetically and functionally replaced. If your child is involved in a sport like soccer where facial trauma can occur, visit our post on ways to protect their mouth while playing sports. 


Have questions? Give us a call and schedule your child’s appointment today! 949-644-0611

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