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Hersch’s Halloween Candy Guide

Oct 25, 2022

Halloween Candy Guide


Halloween is around the corner, that means so are the mounds of candy your little ones are bound to bring home! 

We’re here to tell you it’s okay to eat Halloween candy!  However, if you aren’t careful those treats may cause some unwanted tricks to your teeth.


Here’s a rundown of some common treats and their impact on your teeth.


Gummy Candies

These are ones to watch out for as they stay longer on your teeth, giving cavity-causing bacteria more time to grow. If your child eats these sticky treats, be sure they brush their teeth with a fluoride toothpaste and consider rinsing with an anticavity fluoride mouth rinse.



Chocolate is one of the better sweets when it comes to your teeth! Sure, it contains sugar but is better than some alternative candies because it dissolve away faster and doesn’t stick in the grooves of your teeth.Luckily, it’s also one of the most popular kinds of candy passed out for Halloween! 


Hard Candies

Beware of these treats! The longer it takes for your child to eat it, the more time for teeth are exposed to the sugars and acids they contain They also can chip or break your teeth if chomped on too hard. 


Sour Candies

The acid in these candies are extremely erosive to tooth enamel and can cause it to break down quickly. This will make your teeth more vulnerable to cavities.


To help ensure your child doesn’t develop any problems from their Halloween treats, make sure they are drinking a lot of water to flush out any leftover candy on their teeth, brushing twice daily and flossing in between. Most importantly, schedule a dental appointment


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