When do kids get their permanent teeth?

When do kids get their permanent teeth? (And when should you first visit the dentist?) All your dental questions answered.

May 5, 2023

The number one piece of advice we give parents is don’t wait for your kids to start growing their permanent teeth before they start seeing a dentist.

It’s not uncommon for new parents to be uncertain about when their child should begin seeing a dentist. Is it after their first tooth? Is it after they have a few teeth come in? Is it at a certain age? Luckily your pediatric dentist in Newport Beach is here to help clear this up for you.

We’ve compiled some FAQs for you below – just some things to be aware of you might not have thought of before.

Q: When should you first visit the dentist?

A: There are a lot of “firsts” to be excited about — first tooth, first step, first word, first birthday. However, it’s the first birthday that should bring about another “first” experience — the first trip to the dentist! In actuality, your child should see their dentist for the first time by the age of one, or six months after their first tooth erupts — whichever is earlier.

Q: How many baby teeth do kids have, and when do they get them?

A: Children usually have 20 baby teeth, also known as primary teeth. These teeth usually begin to emerge around six months of age and continue to come in until around age two or three.

Q: At what age do kids start losing their baby teeth?

A: Children typically start losing their baby teeth around age six or seven. The first teeth to fall out are usually the lower front teeth, followed by the upper front teeth.

Q: When do children start growing their molars?

A: Children usually start growing their first set of molars around age six. These are the big teeth that do all the heavy lifting when it comes to chewing and grinding food.

Q: When do kids get their permanent teeth?

A: Children usually start getting their permanent teeth around age six or seven, and the process can continue until their late teens or early twenties. The first permanent teeth to come in are usually the closest molars and the lower central incisors.

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