how to introduce flossing

How to Introduce Your Child To Flossing

Feb 15, 2022

Did you know that your child should start flossing when their first two teeth begin to touch? Daily brushing may be a struggle with your kids but it’s important to develop good dental hygiene habits early, including regular flossing. Here’s how to introduce flossing to your child, and make it fun at the same time!

Use a flossing chart

Making a flossing chart is an easy way to ensure your child flosses daily. Get crafty and create a flossing chart and hang it near your bathroom sink to serve as a reminder. A fun visual flossing schedule can help make oral hygiene fun by:

  • Tracking individual flossing progress using bright markers or fun stickers

  • Provide small rewards when flossing goals are met

  • Create a fun flossing tradition that your kids will remember

Allow your child to pick a flossing method of their choice

Flossing with a standard string can be difficult for your little one’s fingers. So it might be a good idea to let your kids pick their child-friendly floss tool! Floss sticks or floss “picks” are available in several bright colors, shapes and flavors. Kids can even pick floss sticks with their favorite cartoon characters on them!

Water flossers are another fun and eco-friendly choice. Water flossers are durable and easier to maneuver compared to traditional flossing methods. Your child can also decorate them with stickers to create a more fun, personalized flossing routine. 

Make flossing a family affair

Your kids have a better chance of developing good oral hygiene if you lead by example. If you want your child to floss daily, consider flossing together. To make flossing a family affair:

  • Set a regular time: Developing a habit requires consistency. For this to be successful, choose a time when your family is together.

  • Make it a game: Competition is a great way to breed success. Encourage your family members to compete against each other or the clock to make this activity into a lively game. You can also introduce a fun song or story during each flossing session.

While encouraging good dental hygiene at home, don’t forget to take your kids for regular dental checkups to ensure healthy dental development! Want more? Check out: Kids Tooth Flossing 101.