how young is too young for braces

How young is too young for your child to get braces?

Jan 24, 2022

Children should have their first orthodontic screening by 7-8 years old. It’s essential to screen for complex orthodontic problems that can be corrected before braces. Some of the treatments that children need to receive include extractions of permanent teeth or even surgery in some limited cases.

“Phase 1”

“Phase 1” orthodontic treatment might not be indicated for simple orthodontic issues but is for obvious problems such as excessive overcrowding , significant over-jet, underbite, crossbites, or to modify a child’s growth for their  benefit. While some parents may want to straighten teeth at a young age, the purpose for Phase 1 treatment is to address foundational concerns of the jaw alignment and create space for permanent teeth to come into the arch. After these concerns are met, your child should be ready for a more straightforward “Phase 2” (i.e., braces).

We hope this post cleared up some questions for you about orthodontics and your young child. Feel free to read more education on Orthodontics on our website!

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